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本文摘要:iPhone owners only have a couple of days left to get their battery replaced cheaply as part of an Apple programme.几日后,iPhone用户就没法再行以价格昂贵的价钱更换手机上电池,这一新项目已被逃避在苹果服务內容外。

iPhone owners only have a couple of days left to get their battery replaced cheaply as part of an Apple programme.几日后,iPhone用户就没法再行以价格昂贵的价钱更换手机上电池,这一新项目已被逃避在苹果服务內容外。The reduced-price replacements last until the end of the year, at which point the cost will dramatically increase. For the moment, a new battery costs only £25 – but once the new year arrives, that will rocket up to as much as £65.廉价的电池更换将不断到年末,预估价钱会剧升到。

现阶段新的电池只需25英镑,年之后将价格上涨到65英镑。Old batteries can cause significant problems for their owners as iPhones age. With use, the power begins to drop – something that can lead to phones lasting for much less time, and to Apple having to slow down phones to ensure that they dont crash because theyre not getting enough power.伴随着iPhone用以期限降低,原来电池对手机上用户的会造成 各式各样的难题。

用电量不容易大大的升高,关机时间降低,用户必不可少缓解用以速率才可以确保手机上会由于用电量匮乏服务器宕机。It was the revelation that Apple was doing that – throttling performance on older phones, in line with more spectacular rumours that swirled before it was admitted – that led to the cheap repairs in the first place.据告发,iPhone因此以批判老款性能,更为有谣传散布,称作这一举动目地再行让用户更换便宜的电池,但是一切仍未得到 iPhone否定。When that story came out over the Christmas period in 2017, Apple apologised and said that as part of a range of ways of making it up to customers it would knock down the price of replacements, allowing people to restore their phones performance if their battery had been degraded.17年圣诞就会有该类各不相同涌向,iPhone因此道歉并讲到为了更好地让弥补用户,方式之一便是零配件减价,让顾客的手机上电池生长发育时好能彻底恢复性能。

That meant that any affected iPhone battery could be swapped out for just £25. Once the programme is over, the same service will cost £45 for most phones, and a full £65 for the iPhone X.换句话说一切遭受危害的iPhone电池都能以25英镑的价钱进行更换。一旦此项服务项目中止,绝大多数iPhone申请办理某种意义业务流程务必花销45英镑,iPhoneⅩ务必整整的65英镑。